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About US

Safe. Fast. Reliable. Friendly. These aren’t just business buzzwords at Elite Pawn & Jewelry. For us, they inform how we help people achieve their financial goals. Every day through our online pawnshop, we give people just like you the chance to get the cash they need without the nuisance of creditors or stuffy banks.

Elite Pawn & Jewelry is unique in its long history in the pawnbroker business. Unlike some fly-by-night pawnshops, family-owned and operated Elite Pawn & Jewelry has been serving Southeastern Florida  through several traditional, brick-and-mortar pawnshops for two generations.

Our Mission

Over the years we have learned how to treat people right while running a successful business. Our mission has always been to offer the highest and most accurate value for our customer’s items and to treat everyone with dignity and respect. In our book, a deal isn’t good unless everyone wins.

Setting our sights on serving the people , Elite Pawn & Jewelry brings those decades of experience and drive to our pawnshop. Elite Pawn & Jewelry has created a quick and convenient way for you to pawn or sell your items  and receive the fast cash you need. We have already built relationships with thousands of satisfied customers. Plain and simple, people trust us to loan them money fast without the bother and expense of high-interest, cumbersome alternatives.

Our System

The Elite Pawn & Jewelry system is simple: you let us know about a valuable item you want to pawn or sell, we make you a fair offer,we inspect it and pay you within minutes. No credit checks,  Easy right?

We all need help through rough patches, and getting the money you need for yourself or your small business shouldn’t be costly or complex. At Elite Pawn & Jewelry, we are committed to making it as safe, private and as easy as possible for you to get a loan, pay it off in a timely manner and reclaim your treasured items. We even make it easy to sell your items if that is what you prefer.

Our Promise

Our staff has more than 30 year’s appraisal experience collectively in asset-based loans, specializing in precious metals, designer jewelry and gemstones. They are accredited  by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and have offered loans against or purchased thousands of individual pieces with values totaling more than $20 million. They strive to uphold the highest standards of integrity in the business.

Sure, at Elite Pawn & Jewelry we help you obtain quick cash in a time of need while you hang on to your cherished valuables, but we also promise to treat you like a person. Our caring customer service truly sets us apart. But don’t take our word for it, give us a try and see for yourself.